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The SmartCampTechnology lineup includes the revolutionary NDW (No Dirty Water) Purification System, which comes standard on the CapeCod, National Traveller, and Dolphin models. Contaminated water is a clear concern when camping at any time. Bacteria and debris can easily breach most water sources and thus sicken anyone who may drink it. Dolphin Motor Coach’s NDW Purification Systems proprietary technology is an ozone-based water purification system that delivers great tasting, safe, and pure water. This water purification system is the innovation of Dolphin Motor Coach at work in the real world.

Darryl Connors


The Revolutionary No Dirty Water Purification System

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The No Dirty Water Purification System developed by Dolphin Motor Coach is unlike any other purification system available on the custom sprinter van market. Every No Dirty Water System purifies water through a unique process that utilizes both filtration and oxygenation to provide the purest drinking water available.

We at Dolphin Motor Coach believe that everyone deserves the safety and comfort in knowing that no matter what source of water passes through the No Dirty Water system, they will have a fully-purified, odor free drink available to them. If you have any questions or if you would like to learn more about our No Dirty Water Purification System feel free to click the PDF to the right or contact us at 574-264-3951


World Water Day 2018

Dolphin Motor Coach is proud to work towards developing innovative systems, such as our No Dirty Water Purification System, that can provide clean water to anyone who may need it. This past World Water Day 2018, which fell on March 22nd, No Dirty Water highlighted the issue of deteriorating ecosystems and the negative impact that it has had on water sources everywhere.

This year’s theme for World Water Day, “Nature for Water”, focused specifically on this issue by addressing the growth of clean water sources being depleted in regions across the world. Dolphin Motor Coach invites you to learn more about this problem by clicking the flyer below so that we can work together to reach the goal of clean water for all.